Check it Out! “Four Points by Sheraton San Diego” Explicit Review

I chose "Four Points by Sheraton San Diego," because I have already been to the downtown, Old Town, and Little Italy, and I wanted to see a different part of San Diego. I was on a business trip in San Diego, and this hotel has good access from the highway. In addition, the hotel has a golf course, and it is a very famous hotel among the Sheraton hotels, so I decided to give it a try.

What is the appearance of the hotel? Check the entrance and reception

The hotel exterior.

The entrance was very wide.

There was no bell boy, but there was a desk at the entrance.


The front desk was on the right side of the entrance.

Front desk.

There were sofas and a TV in the lobby. It was a bit crowded during check-in hours.

There was a grand piano in the lobby.

Lobby area.

There were many plants and trees in the lobby.

There was a cafe next to the golf course exit.

First floor elevator hall.

Inside of the elevator.

Guest room floor elevator hall.

Light shown through the ceiling.

Guest room floor corridor.

One Bedroom Suite

There was a cafe corner on the left immediately after entering the room, and there was a living room at the back. It was a very spacious room.

At the back there was a large sofa, a dining table and a large desk.

Sofa and table.

TV in front of the sofa.

There was storage space under the TV.

Dining table.

Desk and chair.

The living room seen from the window.

The bedroom was on the left side of the living room.

The bedroom.

The bed was comfortable to sleep in, but it was a little old, so I was a little worried about bed bugs.

There was a TV in the bedroom as well.

There was storage space under the TV.

There were windows in both rooms.

I could see the garden from the window. Trees were growing like a jungle, but it was relaxing to see nature.


There was a large bathtub. It was a jacuzzi type bathtub.

There was shampoo and towels prepared next to the bathtub.

Behind the door was a sink and a shower room. The shower room had a glass door and it was black and fashionable. However, it felt narrow when I actually go inside. The shower head was fixed on the wall, and the water pressure was just right.

The toilet was behind of the shower room.


There was enough shampoo, conditioner and body lotion prepared on the sink. There was also hand soap and a makeup cleanser. The makeup cleanser is non-alcoholic and not hard on your skin.


Closet and safe

There was a closet in the bedroom and it had enough storage space. There was an iron, ironing board and a luggage stand inside. There was no safe.

Mini bar and cafe

There was a spacious counter on the left immediately after entering the room, and there was a cafe corner above it. There was enough space to put things on the counter and it was convenient. A microwave and a refrigerator was installed under the counter.

The cafe corner had a coffee makers, regular and decaf coffee, Earl Gray, regular tea bags, sugar and milk. Two free water were prepared.

There was nothing inside the fridge.

Restaurants in the hotel

Immediately after entering the hotel, there was “Citrus” on the left hand, and I had breakfast there.

It is open for the public as well.

Bakery station.

Oatmeal station.

Warm dishes.

Biscuit sausage burger.

Fruits station.

French toast.

Breakfast example.

There was also “Montfield Lounge + Bar.” It is open from 4 to 6 in the evening.

The cafe sold delicious green salads, pastries and coffee.

There was also a corner where you can buy small souvenirs. It closes around 3 o’clock in the afternoon, so maybe it’s best to go in the morning.

There was also a small shop. The hotel itself does not sell alcohol, so if you want to buy alcohol you can go to the liquor shop near the hotel. It is open until 11:00.

Facilities in the hotel

The pool is hidden in the back. If you walk up this road, you will start to see the pool.

There were deck chairs around the pool.

There was also a jacuzzi next to the pool. It was sunny during the day and it was very nice.

The swimming pool at night was lit up, and because the surroundings were dark, it looked as if the pool was floating in the middle of the jungle with all the trees surrounding the area.

There was also a fitness center, which was a little hard to find. I was able to exercise while looking at the pool and the nature.

There were two computers prepared near the front desk.

There was a laundromat in front of the elevator on the second floor. However, there was no door for this room.

There was also an ATM.

Environment around the hotel

There is an airfield around the hotel, perhaps a private airfield. I enjoyed watching the planes take off. It is small, but there is also a golf course in the hotel grounds, and in the morning I took a walk around the golf course.

The airfield.

The golf course.

Staff and customer base

The staff who checked me in was nice, and responded politely. It was very crowded, and the staff seemed busy picking up the phone and so on, but after I finished checking in, no matter how busy they were, the staff stepped out of the counter and guided me towards the room. I thought that that was very kind.

I think that there were many people staying for a convention. I also saw many people with large suitcases that are tourists from overseas. There were many families and large groups staying.


Access from the airport and LA is also good. There are two highways running south from LA, but it’s also a crossing area just in time to reach San Diego Downtown, so I think access is good from all areas. There were lots or stores around the hotel, such as Target, Costco and many other shops. It was quiet at night, but the area is safe. On the day I arrived, I could not buy wine at the shop in the hotel, so I had to run and get it at the liquor store nearby. It was nice to be able to shop at various places and get to them on foot.



A liquor shop located about seven minutes away on foot from the hotel.


I was very satisfied with my stay. Although the hotel itself was a bit old, and there were some issues with the hotel, at the end I was not bothered by them and just laughed it off. For example, the ceilings in the hotel were too low and also there were only two elevators for a large hotel, so it took a while to be able to get onto the elevator. Although, there were some inconveniences about this hotel, they seemed to be trying to improve it a little by little. The breakfast buffet was very good. I also enjoyed the room with a bathtub. San Diego is relatively expensive, so I think it’s great for people who want to enjoy gourmet at a cheap price. There are so many restaurants to pick from, so I would like to try some BBQ the next time I visit.

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