Check it Out! “Disney’s Port Orleans Resort-Riverside” Explicit Review

"Disney's Port Orleans Resort-Riverside" is the largest of the official hotels, with lots of shops, outdoor pools, playgrounds, bike rentals, restaurants, bars, and more. You can enjoy yourself at the hotel even without going to the amusement park. As all the things you need for a long stay are in place, many people spend their holidays here. We decided to stay here, because it is around the amusement park so the area is safe, and the hotel has many facilities.

What is the appearance of the hotel? Check the entrance and reception

Hotel is made like a harbor for ships mimicking the Good Old America age.

The lobby is spacious an bright, connected to the restaurant and bar and the reception is in the center.

Because the lobby is also built like a harbor, and it is a stylish area that does not feel like it is a hotel lobby.

The information board was made in a Disney style.

There was Micky hidden in various places in the hotel.

Disney’s Port Orleans Resort is a combined resort with two hotels, Riverside and French Quarter.

What is the Royal Guest Standard Room like?

The size of the room was average, but there were Disney characters hidden everywhere in the room. The room was very cute.

If you are not a Disney fan, it may be hard to find some of the Characters that are hidden.

The fireworks above the bed bored goes up if you press a button. The bed was comfortable and I was able to sleep well.

There was a TV, a table and chairs. The carpet in the room was the magic carpet from Aladdin.

There was also a chair that appears in Beauty and the Beast.


Bath amenities were pretty bottles with Mickey patterns on it, and there was shampoo, conditioner, facial soap and body soap for the number of people staying. There were no toothbrushes, but you can ask for one at the front desk. There were a lot of towels prepared as well.

Magic lamp faucet.

It was a bathroom with a shower and the bathtub together. The tub felt shallow but the water pressure was not bad. The shower curtain had a lot of characters related to Little Mermaid, and it was lovely just looking at it.

Mini bar and cafe

There was a cafe bar on the TV shelf, and a coffee maker and tea bags were prepared. There was also a refrigerator, but it was empty. During my stay, the cafe terrace sold cups with free access to the drink bar.

Closet and safe

There was no closet, but there was a place to hang clothes in the bathroom.

There is also an ironing set.

The safe was embedded in the wall.

View from the room

There was no particular view from the room I stayed in. Other rooms had views of the river, garden and pool.

In front of the room was the parking lot for guests.

Restaurant, cafe and bar in the hotel

There is a restaurant, cafeteria and a bar.

The bar seen from the outside.

Inside the cafeteria. There are many types of dishes, and will cook it on the spot. The taste was very good and the volume and price were satisfactory.

I had a pizza.

During breakfast, you can ask the chef to make your omelet the way you like it.

Facilities in the hotel

Each wing had a very large courtyard. We were able to enjoy the luxurious garden and also when it was lit up at night.

There was a walk way along the river right out side the rooms.

There were boats on the river which you can ride.

In the courtyard, Disney films were being screened.

Shops in the hotel

The Fulton’s General Store, located in the hotel, is a Disney store where products sold at the park are also sold here.

They sell groceries, as well as sweets and breads, so you can take them to the park, so it is recommended to carry them around instead of having breakfast. It was convenient because I could easily stop by and buy souvenirs that I forgot to buy a the park.


It was difficult to go by public transportation because there is a distance from the airport. There were a lot people coming by car. We were on a tour so we did not have any problems, but they also have free shuttle busses that pick you up at the airport. It was convenient to go by boat or bus from the hotel to the park.

Staff and customer base

The staffs were kind and polite and responded to my requests when I needed something, so I was able to have a comfortable stay.

It is a high class hotel, so the guests staying were well mannered. I also saw young people staying, but there were mostly families with small children or couples.


I had a very nice stay at this hotel. Because the hotel is surrounded by rich nature and is a quiet place, I was able to relax. As I went to the park during the day, so it was a waste not to be able to spend more time at this hotel which has many entertainments. Also, the level of the restaurant was high, and I was able to balance my nutrition despite traveling. Access to the park was very convenient. I was happy to have the benefits of being able to enter the park early and stay until late. However, the bus stop was a little far from the ridge I stayed at, and it was probably because the hotel ground was large. The room keys were with the park tickets, so I did not have to worry about losing them, and it was also easy to get into the hotel with the keys. I highly recommend this hotel, and I can assure you that you will be able to enjoy your trip to Disney World.

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