Check it Out! “Destination Singapore Beach Road” Explicit Review

"Destination Singapore Beach Road" was chosen from searching for hotels in Singapore on the online travel reservation site, and the reviews were high, the price is less than 10,000 yen. The location is close to the center area, and because it faces the sea, I thought that the view would be good. As far as I can see in the pictures, the rooftop pool in particular looked very new and beautiful. In addition, I planned to go to Johor Bahru next to Singapore, and there is a bus station near the hotel which is convenient.

What is the appearance of the hotel? Check the entrance and reception

Street in front of the hotel. It is a hotel that you can see in the far right. The first impression was disappointing because this hotel was simple in design, and was not very tall either.

State in front of the hotel.

Vehicle drive through area.

A lot of vending machines were lined up next to the vehicle drive through area.

State before the entrance.


The wall next to the entrance had the name of the hotel.

The entrance seen from inside the hotel.

The front desk.

Front floor elevator hall. The overall hotel was not luxurious at all, but it was simple and compact.

Elevator floor number button panel.

Guest room elevator hall.

Guest room floor corridor.

What is the Queen Bedroom Room like?

Guest room entrance door.

In the room there was a full-length mirror and a bathroom on the right side and a closet and a mirror stand (with a refrigerator below) on the left side.

When I entered the room it felt small, but it maybe it is a standard size for a hotel. There is no problem for one person staying, but I think for two people it would feel cramped. I really liked the carpet and the design of the various furniture. Overall it was very new and no scratches were found at all.

The room was air conditioned.

The bed was rather stiff. As there were four thin pillows, height adjustment was easy to do.

There was a TV opposite the bed and a desk and chair was under it.

Desk and chair. There were three outlets on the desk.

There was a relaxing sofa by the window.

The room seen from the window.

The room was not large but had windows. The curtains did not open properly, so it was a little hard to enjoy the view.

This hotel is located near the sea, but the room I stayed in was unfortunately on the other side of the sea, so the view was not so good. There were a lot of tall hotels nearby.


There was no bathtub in the bathroom and it was not very large. In the bathroom, there was a wash basin on the right, a toilet at the front, and a shower room on the left.

There were two types of showers, a fixed rain shower and a removable/height adjustable hand shower. The water pressure was stable and there was no particular problem. The temperature sometimes became hot and cold so you need to be careful. The partition between the shower room and the toilet was only about half, and the floor got wet if I did not use a towel. The shower room was equipped with a shower gel.


A toothbrush set was provided as an amenity on the wash basin. There were not many prepared, but it may have been for environmental protection.

Two bath towels and two face towels were prepared above the toilet. They do not change towel unless we want them to be changed for environmental protection.

There was also a hair dryer.

Closet and safe

The closet was horizontal to the wall and it was difficult to take out clothes. In the closet, there were several clothes hangers, slippers, flashlights and a safe.

The safe was a kind which you set a four digit number.

The size was a standard size.

Mini bar and cafe

There was a cafe corner in the storage shelf below the desk.

The cafe corner had an electric kettle, 2 coffee cups, 2 spoons, 2 teas, green tea and 2 coffees, 4 sugars and 2 powder creams. I only drank black tea, but it had a normal taste. I felt that it was a safety design that the electric kettle was powered by the handle and always turned off after lifting it.

A refrigerator was also installed.

Chilled water was prepared in the refrigerator and I thought it that nice.

Restaurant in the hotel

There was a restaurant called “Folklore” next to the front desk. I only looked at the menu because it was expensive and also it was almost fully booked with group guests.

The restaurant had enough seats, but I thought it might be tight if it is crowded.

Facilities in the hotel

There was an outdoor pool on the roof of the hotel.

The pool itself was not very deep, and it seemed to be more suitable for children. Other than the pool there was no viewing space or sauna, so I thought it was somewhat boring.

Environment around the hotel

The Marina Bay Sands and the Olympic Park, and the city center attractions are within walking distance. There were many tourists, and I did not feel any concern about security. Because the sidewalk and footbridge were also maintained, it was an environment that was easy to take a walk. However, the other hotels and homes seemed to be crowded.

Staff and customer base

I got the impression that the front was a bit cluttered, but the check-in response was smooth and fine. Although I did not feel the thorough manners like a luxury hotel for the staff, the friendliness of the cleaning staff was good. I was puzzled at first without being taught how to use the card key to operate the elevator.

The audience seemed to be mostly Chinese and Western. It seems that there are many relatively older group customers and many families. As there were a number of suitcases kept at the front desk, there may have been a large number of tourists staying.


The access to the airport was good because the Metro station was nearby. However, since it is not a large hotel, it is difficult to find the hotel in the maps. There were a lot of restaurants and clubs around the hotel, so it was convenient, but there is nothing like a convenience store so I can not go shopping at night or in the morning. It seems that if you ask at the front desk you will be able to arrange a taxi, so you can easily go even if your destination is far. I did not feel that security was bad.


Food street near the hotel.

Shops around the hotel.


Personally, I thought that if I think of Singapore’s price, a 10,000 yen hotel would be a bit more upscale and moving, but I actually arrived and was disappointed because it was smaller than I expected, and the view was not great. As I stayed at guest house for a while, it was good that we stayed at hotel for the first time in a long time, but thinks that it is not so if this hotel is particularly superior to others. I didn’t notice when I made a reservation that breakfast would be extra charge and would cost around 1,500 yen and there was no gym at the hotel, but I felt it was a considerable negative factor, I am thinking of reflection from the next time. This hotel is good if it is for about 1 night, but I thought that it was not enough to stay continuously.

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