Check it Out! “Crowne Plaza Surfers Paradise” Explicit Review

I was looking for a hotel that is reasonable with a good reputation on the Gold Coast, and the "Crowne Plaza Surfers Paradise" was our first choice. We compared hotel reviews and found that there was a tram station right in front of the hotel, which was highly convenient, and there were also reviews that said tha at the facilities were beautiful, so we decided to stay here.

What is the appearance of the hotel? Check the entrance and reception

The appearance of the hotel is pink and very fashionable. The exterior wall of the entrance was gray and it was simple.

The front desk was very normal.

There were sofas in the lobby and the detox water service changes every morning. The fruits were replaced daily, such as lime and grapefruit, and I was able to refresh my mouth before leaving and coming back.

An object of a koala was next to the reception.

Simple floor guide.

Elevator hall.

The view from the elevator.

What is the Superior Double Bed Ocean View Room like?

The room was clean and luxurious, and very comfortable to stay in. It is spacious enough for families to stay in, there is a balcony with a beautiful view, and just the right temperature for air conditioning.

The double beds were large enough and was very comfortable to lay on. The pillows and sheets were clean. In addition, because outlet was by the bed, I could charge my phone easily.

TV, paintings, and a table.

The view from the balcony was very nice all day. On the right side was a view of tall buildings and apartments under construction with the beach in the back, the typical buildings of the Gold Coast including the SKYPOINT can be seen in front.

On the left side you can see the view of houses along the river.

The view from the balcony was so beautiful, I could look at it all day.


The bathroom was very clean. The best thing was that the bathtub and the shower room was separate.

You can wash your body in the shower booth, and relax in the spacious bathtub.

The lighting in the bathroom and shower room was bright and warm, and I was really looking forward to taking a bath every night.

Amenity included a shower cap, soap, sachet of body soap and shampoo in the washroom.

Toilet in the bathroom.

Closet and safe

There was a closet by the bed and there was a safe inside.

There were about 5 hangers in the closet. The space was large enough and I could jackets and pants as well.

Mini bar and cafe

Alcohol and soft drinks were in the refrigerator. However, I think the drinks were a little over-priced.

Restaurants in the hotel

There was a Japanese restaurant on the ground floor and a buffet restaurant on the 26th floor. However, I did not eat there this time because there were a lot of restaurants near the hotel.

Swimming pool in hotel

I was not able to enter this time, because it was off season. It was not large, but it looked comfortable to swim in. There were also some beach beds, tables and chairs by the pool, so I thought that it would be fun to go as a family as well.

Environment around the hotel

There is a 24-hour supermarket called Coles, which is open 24 hours a day, in the gas station, so it is convenient if you suddenly need something. There are a lot of souvenir shops and shopping malls in Surfers Paradise and Broadbeach South, so finding a place to shop is not a problem. It is easy to get to places such as Sea World  and Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary by bus or tram from the hotel.

Surfers Paradise has a beach where you can swim.

This time it was early autumn and the wind was strong, so I did not get into the water, but the clear water and the white sandy beach was so beautiful it was very soothing.

Staff and customer base

When I went out on the first day and returned to the hotel to a room that was not cleaned, but it was because I had the “do not disturb card hanging on the door, so it was my fault. Thankfully, the house keeper immediately brought towels, tissues and amenities to the room and the receptionist apologized. It was a bit disappointing that at the time of check-in, there was no information about the hotel at the reception about the pool, bar, and restaurants. The room was cleaned very well.

Most people staying were Asian tourists, and there were more couples than families.


The Gold Coast Airport is not very large, so you can reach the bus stop right away. You ride the 777 bus for about 40 minutes and get on the tram at Broadbeach South. The 3rd station which was Florida Garden was right by the Crowne Plaza Hotel, so we arrived with almost no walk. Access to the airport is a very good hotel.


I had a very nice stay at this hotel for three main reasons. Firstly, it is very close to the Surfers Paradise area. It was about 2 stations away riding the tram, and after eating and shopping, I could go back to the hotel right away with no stress. Secondly, it was convenient that there was a station right near the hotel. Lastly, the hotel was clean and luxurious. For example, there was detox water in the lobby, a separate shower and bathtub, there were multi-sized towel sets prepared, and the hotel employees were extremely friendly. If I visit again, I would like to stay at this hotel. Hopefully, I will get to swim in the pool in the summer.

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