Check it Out! “Crowne Plaza Changi Airport” Explicit Review

We chose "Crowne Plaza Changi Airport" because we stayed at Marina Bay Sands for 3 nights and the flight on the last day was a late-night flight, I wanted to stay at a reasonable hotel. All hotels directly connected to Changi Airport are expensive, but I decided to make a reservation because I could find a relatively reasonable plan among them. I checked the hotel's own evaluation on the internet after booking, but it was mixed with good evaluation and bad evaluation, and I was a little worried.

What is the appearance of the hotel? Check the entrance and reception

The exterior is a very unique, and you will have no trouble finding.

The interior and interior of the reception and guest rooms are dimly lit with indirect lighting. Guide display on the floor. What we stayed in was a separate building from the building where the reception and the restaurant/pool are located, and it took some trouble to take 3-4 minutes to move from the front to the room. Because the air conditioning is working inside the building, it was cold when return to the room from the pool. I think it would be troublesome if you go to the pool and forget something.

Entrance to the separate building.

Elevator floor number button

Guest room elevator hall

Guest room floor corridor

What is the Business King Room like?

The first impression I had when I entering the room was that it was dark. I think that is because they used indirect lighting extensively and I can not open the window roll screen because they were doing construction outside. Also, there was not much space to open and put the trunk. If you have two trunks, it would be very hard. The interior itself was clean and comfortable. The bed was very comfortable, but the previous guests eye makeup was on the pillow.

On the wall opposite the bed is a mirror and a TV.

There was a sofa and a table next to the bed.

There is also a desk and a chair. There was a smartphone that could be used freely on the desk.

There is no terrace or balcony, but there is a window in the bathroom. The view was an airport under construction. The window next to the bathtub was a window, and when I opened the motorized roll screen, I could see the dozens of men working outside, so it was impossible to open the roll screen. If you stay in the room of the same type, I think that the roll screen will be closed all day long and spend the electricity in the room. The entire hotel is dimly lit and the rooms are also dimly lit using indirect lighting, so if you want a view outside you should go to the pool.


There is a glass door between the bathroom and the bedroom.

When you press the “Privacy Switch,” the window becomes a frosted glass in an instant. It was the first time I saw it actually being used at a hotel.

Shower booth and bathtub were separate.

The bathtub was deep. Next to the bathtub is a window, and when you open the motorized screen, you can see the men working outside. Taking a bath while enjoying the view seems impossible unless it is midnight.

The shower was movable and it was comfortable with a rain shower. There is no problem with water pressure and temperature control. The water around was very beautiful and received a new impression. There was a toilet behind the shower booth.

Amenity is shampoo, conditioner, body soap and body lotion one each. As it will be used up by one use, I think that it will be considerably troubled when staying with two friends if it is not put each two. Others include toothpaste sets, cotton, degreaser paper, hair rubber, sewing sets, razors and shaving foams.

There was a towel in the shelf where the amenities were placed, and a weight scale was also installed under it.

Closet and safe

There was a bathrobe in the closet.

The slippers were on the bottom.

Iron and ironing board were stored here.

Because of the narrow hotel adjacent to the airport, it is an impression that it is not targeted for long-term residents or there is almost no space for luggage. The closet is too thin, so it is not suitable for people who want to wear many clothes. I did not use the safe.

Mini bar and cafe

The cafe corner had an electric kettle, two glasses two cups each, two instant instant coffee, tea and two plastic bottles.

There was also a refrigerator.

Restaurant and shop in hotel

I did not have the opportunity to eat at the restaurant, but there is a restaurant called “AZUR” on the second floor.

The restaurant had a slightly dark atmosphere.

We do not go but there was a bar called “BAR ’75,” and business hours are from 15:00 until around 1 o’clock in the middle of the night. The outside door is distinctive, and when it is closed, only the uneven wall remains and it does not seem like there is a shop.

Facilities in the hotel

There was a pool covered with something like a distinctive metal fence on the 3rd floor of the hotel, and there were a lot of people swimming in it.

There is a bar next to the pool, and you can get what you ordered right away. Besides drinks containing alcohol, snacks and child meals can also be ordered.

Because there are no partitions in the pool, children with floats and people who really want to swim use the same space.

Because there are a lot of beach chairs in proportion to the size, I think that it is suitable for people who want to relax by the pool without swimming.

Environment around the hotel

There is no need to worry about security as it is located at the airport. There were many women sleeping alone in the middle of the night. It is necessary to use trains, buses and taxis to get out of the airport, so it would be better to have food and shopping basically done at the airport. However, among the people who stayed at night, because there were a number of people who put in a large trunk and got a deep sleep on the sofa in the hotel.

Staff and customer base

Everyone was friendly, including the pool staff and the cleaning staff.

The customer base is about 60% of white people from Europe, the United States, Australia and etc and the others were Asian. Also because it is adjacent to the airport, I saw many family members staying.


It is located in Changi Airport Terminal 3. Right next to the hotel entrance, it is very convenient at the sky train platform which moves between terminals. In addition, you will have to use the bus during the late night hours when the SkyTrain does not operate, but the bus stop is around 3 minutes on foot. There are no steps along the way, and you can move easily even if you have a trunk.

There are some restaurants in the Terminal 3, but I think that I will not be particularly troubled because you can go anywhere in about 5 minutes on foot. In addition, although it is arrival and departure with other terminals, Skytrain with a platform immediately next to it is not available for maintenance from 2:30 am to 5:00 AM. During that time, you will use a bus, but the bus stop is only 3 minutes on foot so I think it would be very convenient if you use other terminals. In addition, the bus of the midnight time zone will be about 1 service in 15 minutes.


There are several hotels adjacent to Changi Airport, but it seems like the prices are relatively high for all levels. As we were divided into both good and bad when we checked about this hotel on the Internet, there was anxiety before the stay. However, when I stayed, it was surprisingly beautiful and comfortable. This time I stayed because I found a reasonable plan on the online travel reservation site by chance, but I might not stay at the normal price. However, the location inside the airport is very convenient, and it is easier to come and go with other terminals than I had imagined. I think that I can recommend it to families with children.

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