Check it Out! “Courtyard by Marriott San Diego Del Mar/Solana Beach” Explicit Review

Among the hotels in San Diego, I choice "Courtyard by Marriott San Diego Del Mar/Solana Beach," because it is close to the beach. I live in Huntington Beach, but the beach in Solana is really beautiful. This time, I stayed on a business trip, and the staff remember me and greet me.

What is the appearance of the hotel? Check the entrance and reception

The hotel faces the Pacific Highway and is surrounded by lawns and tall palm trees.

The entrance to the hotel.

The entrance.

The lobby was bright, and it felt like a beach resort. There were many chairs and tables.

Guest room floor corridor.

Corridor near the guest room entrance.

What is the King Bedroom Suite like?

Gust room entrance door.

The room was very bright. The walls were light blue and the floor was wooden. The room was very large.

The bed was clean and I was able to sleep comfortably. The room was near the lobby, but it was quiet.

There was a TV and a desk across from the bed.

There was storage space next to the desk.

The whole room seen from the bathroom.

There was a sofa and a table by the bed.

The room seen form the window. There was a panting of a beach house.

There was a terrace.

The terrace was connected with the courtyard.

There were two chairs prepared on the terrace. A plant was placed between the terrace next door to keep privacy.


The bathroom was next to the bed.

The bathroom was spacious. There was a bathtub a toilet and a shower room.



The shower room was next to the sink.

The shower head was fixed on the wall, but it was easy to wash and the water pressure was strong enough.

The sink was very spacious. The large mirror made the room feel big.

Amenities were prepared on the sink. The brand was Tea Tree, and there was body cream, shampoo, conditioner and soap. The quality was average.


Closet and safe

The closet was very big. I think that there is enough space to fit four suitcases inside.

Mini bar and cafe

There was a cafe corner at the counter next to the bathroom. In the lower storage shelf, there was a microwave and a refrigerator.

There was a coffee machine and regular and de cafe coffee, ice pail and glasses.

There was nothing inside the refrigerator.

Restaurants and shops in the hotel

There was a restaurant called “The Bistro” next to the pool.

They had a happy hour.

There was a shop next to the front desk. There were snacks, alcohol and daily necessities sold here.

Facilities in the hotel

The pool was surrounded by a short fence, and was located in the middle of the hotel. The pool was open until 11 o’clock at night.

There was a fir pit near the restaurant.

There were nice sofas and palm trees.

There was a gym that is open all day.

There were two computers and a printer prepared.

The laundry room.

Environment around the hotel

The area around the hotel has a local feeling and you can relax and enjoy the beach.  There are many friendly people and many health conscious people. I did not see trash on the streets which was very nice. On the weekends, there were a lot of people who enjoyed biking and running along the beach.

The main entrance to Solana Beach.

The water was very clear. There were many families with children having fun on the beach.

Staff and customer base

The staff were very friendly and helpful.

There are many families with children because it was during summer break, and also there was a horse race being held near the hotel.


Th hotel was 25 minutes away from San Diego International Airport and a short walk away from the highway exit. It is close to the beach and my favorite restaurants. You can also walk to Delmar’s racecourse. In addition, there are many restaurants that are organic-oriented. You can also get to famous surfing areas easily.

A shopping center three minutes away from the hotel.

A sandwich shop that also sells alcohol which was open until late at night.

A drug store called CVS.


This hotel is rather reasonable, and I stay here very often. It’s located in a very good location, and it’s close to the beach, everyone is friendly, and so many other good things about staying here. I also like the hotel rooms. Even if you stay on the first floor, you will have privacy. There were many people staying at this hotel to go to the Delmar Racecourse. It is a hotel that I can recommend with confidence and I would like to come back again as well.

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