Check it Out! “Commonwealth Hotel Newcastle” Explicit Review

I chose "Commonwealth Hotel" because it was cheap and it is in a good location which is within walking distance to the city. Some countries reuse other facilities, and I was wondering if this hotel is like that. Also, I wanted to stay at a local hotel, so I decided to check this hotel out.

What is the appearance of the hotel? Check the entrance and reception

The hotel is a brick building which is two stories, taste the local feeling. As it faces an intersection, it is easy to find. Although it is a hotel, the main impression is that it is a popular bar that is filled with people at night. There are several places to eat and drink either outdoors, indoors, or at stylish courtyards. There are three entrances along the road, and you can enter from many sides.

One of the entrances.

There is no front desk and I was confused because check-in was done at the bar counter, but the staff kindly responded.

Entrance to the guest room floor.

You go up the stairs to get to the guest room floor.


Guest room floor corridor.

What is the Double Bed Room like?

Room key.

Guest room entrance door seen from the room. A full-length mirror is installed beside the door.

On the photos posted on the online travel reservation site, the rooms did not look very nice, but it was cleaner than I expected.

There was an air conditioner installed in the room.

There was a ceiling fan, but it did not work.

The bed was big and comfortable. There was no defect in the spring and it felt new ]. The comforter was thin, but there were spare comforters so you can use them if you get cold.

Extra comforters on on the wall.

A lamp and a TV remote control was placed on the bedside table.

There was a sofa for one person and a foot rest next to the bed and by the window. The view from the small window was a wall.

There was a TV opposite the bed.


There was a shared bathroom. There is one toilet and two showers. There is a toilet next to the wash basin.

The toilet next to the wash basin.


The right side is the toilet door, and the left side is the shower room door of one of the two shower rooms.

Two shower rooms were lined up.

The shower area is kept clean. The hot water in the shower turns into water in less than 5 minutes. As the first shower turned into water, I confirmed that there were no other users and I moved to the other shower as it was, but the hot water did not go out. This is due to the capacity of the hot water tank, and the tank here is small. It seems impossible to take a shower with warm water and comfortable water pressure with the current facilities here. The first time, I could only wash my hair and I had to give up.

Shampoo, conditioner and body soap were prepared in the shower room. Only a small amount comes out of the container and it takes time. You should bring your own with you. They did not have the amenities commonly found in common hotels such as toothbrushes, shower caps, simple combs, brushes and razors. There is no hair dryer, so you should bring one with you if you need one. As you have to go through the corridors from the shower room, it is better to bring some footwear used for bathing, such as beach sandals.

Wash basin.

Closet and safe

There is no closet or a safe. There was a hanger on the towel rack. You can put your clothes on the sofa. There is no iron, so I do not recommend staying here for business.

Mini bar and cafe

The cafe corner had an electric kettle, tea, sugar, milk and two cups. There was no room cleaning, so if you want to drink more tea, you have to ask for more. There is a refrigerator, but there was nothing inside. You can purchase drinks at the bar downstairs and drink in the room. You can order food at the bar and bring it back to your room, but it would be hard to eat because there is no table.

Restaurant in the hotel  

I did not eat at the restaurant. Many of the customers were families.

The bar area was bigger than the restaurant and has a sense of openness. There are many types of alcohol in the bar, and the counter is U-shaped, making it easy to order.

Bar counter.

Bar counter seats.

There is also a sofa.

Table seat.

There is also a terrace seat.

Terrace seat.

There is an outdoor space in front of the hotel..

Facilities in the hotel

There is an ATM, a cigarette vending machine, a slot machine and betting tickets.

Environment around the hotel

The bar was busy at night as there are few restaurants open at night. You can hear a buzzing voice in your room until the closing time of the bar, but it is quiet after that. It is very quiet in the morning and during the daytime. It is convenient that a shopping center is within a walking distance. A supermarket called ALDI is located in the immediate vicinity of the hotel, and you can purchase alcohol. ALDI is the cheapest among the major supermarkets, but shopping bags are charged, so bring an eco bag. A short walk will bring you to the Market Town Super Center, including major supermarkets such as Woolworths and Coles, fish shops, butchers, liquor stores, pharmacies and McDonalds. There is a fire station in front of the hotel. It’s within walking distance to Christ Church Cathedral, Newcastle Library, and Civic Park, so it’s perfect for a walk. The church is recommended for sightseeing as you can see inside.

Christ Church Cathedral.

Newcastle Library.

Civic Park.

Newcastle Museum.

Saint Andrews Presbyterian.

Town Hall.

Town Hall.

Staff and customer base

The staff is friendly and polite. There was a defect in the air conditioning in the rooms, so I told them and they responded very well. Because they are only stairs, the staff carried my luggage for me.

I think that there were a lot of young people, couples, and male customers. There were some families staying, but do not think the hotel is suitable for children. There were many local customers in the bar. It was busy every day.


It is around 30-40 minutes on foot from the nearest station to the hotel. You can walk tot he city, so the location is good. The area is limited, but buses in the city can be used free of charge. It’s not a big city, so you can walk around on foot.


The building is in a quiet area, with good access to the city, library and the shopping centre. As there was a bar, I did not have trouble finding a place to eat and drink, and it was good that I could bring what I ordered up to my room as well. The room was clean, air conditioning was perfect, and the personality of the staff was good, but there are problems with facilities around the water, so I do not think I want to stay in the future. It is not recommended especially for female customers. I think that staying with a small child would also be hard. As there is only one wash basin in the bathroom, it is possible that users may overlap in usage time during the morning, but I think that you can enjoy the meeting there. However, it is really tough not to have hot water even if it is a hotel just for sleeping. There is no place to put things in the room, so you will have to put your clothes and other things on the sofa or on the suitcase. My room No. 3 was comfortable because there was a large bed. Because there is no table, it would be hard to write notes, eat, and drink in the room.

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