Check it Out! “Citadines Shinjuku Tokyo” Explicit Review

"Citadines Shinjuku Tokyo" located a little ways from Shinjuku Station has rooms like a condominium. The room was spacious and equipped with facilities such as a kitchen, sofa and large storage space that would be nice for a medium to long term stay. There is also a laundry room and gym. The kitchen area is prepared with everything from pots, knives, cooking utensils to dishes. Although it is a little far from the downtown area, there is a supermarket nearby, so you can use the kitchen in the room to reduce your travel expenses by cooking yourself.

What is the appearance of the hotel? Check the entrance and reception

The hotel is located along Yasukuni Street, a 5-minute walk from Shinjuku Gyoenmae Station on the Marunouchi Subway Line.

It was a stylish 12-story building with blue and yellow walls.

There was a big hotel sign at the entrance.

The entrance.

There was a front desk on the left side of the entrance.

Front desk.

There were pamphlets and information by the front desk.

There were stylish chairs and sofas in front of the front desk, and there were newspapers prepared (not only Japanese but also English newspapers).

There was a water fountain and you can fill up your water bottle.

Lobby floor elevator hall.

Guest room floor elevator hall.

The walls painted in a color that matched the hotel exterior.

Guest room floor corridor.

What is the Studio Executive Twin Bed Room like?

Guest room door.

Key card.

Air conditioning.

The entrance way.

There was a shelf by the entrance.

The room is at the back.

There was a kitchen on the left.

The kitchen was not big, but it was well equipped.

There was an orange sofa and a table across the kitchen, and next to that was a sink and a bathroom.

The guest rooms had a calm atmosphere with a kitchen, living room and a bedroom at the back.

The ceiling light was bright, ant there were other lights all over the room.

Sofa and table. This orange sofa worked well with the calm colors of the room, and it was stylish.

A painting above the sofa.

There was a wall separating the living room and the bedroom.

There was a desk, TV and a closet at the back.

There were to single beds.

There was an orange painting hung above the beds.

A table between the beds.

A light switch on this side of the bed.

A plug-in outlet on the other side of the bed.

Information about the spa placed on the headboard.

The TV area seen from the bed.


The TV had SKY PerfecTV and I could watch everything for free. There was an explanation under the TV.

A desk next to the TV.

On the desk was a telephone, deodorant sprays, Wi-Fi password and so on.

On the shelf next to the desk was a tissue, alarm, memo set, etc.

The whole room seen form the window.

There was a lace curtain and a blackout curtain.

I could not open the window.

I could only see the wall of the building next to the hotel.


There was a sink outside of the bathroom.

In the bathroom was a shower with a bathtub and a toilet.

The bathtub was deep and spacious.

The shower was removable, an water pressure was strong enough.

There was shampoo, conditioner and body soap prepared by the shower.

The toilet had a Washlet function.

There were bath towels, face towels and an extra toilet role of paper prepared above the toilet.

There were two hooks and it was convenient for hanging towels.

The living/bed room seen from the bathroom.

The sink was not big, but because it was outside of the bathroom it felt spacious.


Face, hand and shaving soap.

Cups and a tooth brush set.

Hand towels.

There was a trash can and a plug-in outlet.

There was a shelf behind the mirror.

There was a drawer under the sink.

Inside the drawer was a hair dryer.

A scale under the sink.

Closet and safe

There was a closet next to the window.

There were already many things stored inside the closet, so there may not be enough space to put your own things inside. The was a full length mirror.

There were hangers, extra pillows, folding chair and an ironing board.

There were extra blankets on the top shelf.



Laundry bags in the top drawer.

Nightwear in the bottom drawer.

There was also a safe in side the closet.


Having a kitchen is helpful for guest staying long term.

Kitchen equipments were prepared.

IH stove.

A small sink.


Two bottles of water, electric kettle, instant coffee and tea.


Cups and glasses.


Silverware and cookware.

Toaster, frying pan and pans.

A dish dryer.


There was a small fridge, but nothing was inside.

Restaurants in the hotel

There was a restaurant serving only breakfast.

Breakfast was Western style buffet.

There is a takeout box for those who are in a hurry.



Scrambles egg, meatball, chicken rice and so on.

Yogurt and fruit.

Breakfast example.

Facilities in the hotel

There is a gym on the first floor.

It is not a big gym, but was a TV and many machines.

The gym is open 24 hours a day.

A laundry room on the first floor. There was also a vending machine in the laundry room.

Hotel surroundings

A convenience store near the hotel.

A restaurant near the hotel.

Staff and guests

I was able to check in smoothly at the front desk. There were many foreigners staying at this hotel, so the staff were able to communicated in different languages.

There were many foreign families with children and couples staying.


A convenience store near the hotel.

A restaurant near the hotel.


“Citadines Shinjuku Tokyo” is a perfect hotel for a long term stay. The hotel is surrounded by other buildings, so depending on the room you stay in, the view may not be great. It was a little disappointing to not be able to see the night view of Shinjuku. The hotel is a little far from Shinjuku main street and downtown. It is located in an inconvenient location, so the cost of the rooms were cheap even with a kitchen included. Unfortunately, the breakfast venue was small and crowded. This hotel is recommended for those planning on staying long term around Shinjuku for business reasons.

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