Check it Out! “Centennial Hotel” Explicit Review

I chose “Centennial Hotel,” because it was within walking distance from Cambridge Station, it had good access to the center and it was reasonable with breakfast included. When I looked at the photos of the hotel on the internet, the room was kept clean and the interior of the hotel was an impression that I could feel the history like Europe.

What is the appearance of the hotel? Check the entrance and reception

The appearance was beige and white, and I was able to feel the history from the building.

There was a parking lot.

Hotel entrance area.


The front desk had a relaxed atmosphere. A young male staff welcomed me with a smile.

There was a lobby.

Expensive looking plates were displayed.

There were many decorations.

My room was on the second floor, but because there is no elevator in this hotel, the staff offered to carry my suitcases for me.


Stairs and corridor.

Guest room floor corridor.

What is the Twin Bed Room like?

Room key.

I was worried about the heat, because I stayed in a room without air conditioning in midsummer. However, there was a fan in the room, and I was able to open about half of the window, so a pleasant breeze came in from the window, so I did not feel any discomfort. It was quiet even if the window was open, because the guest room was not facing the road but the parking lot like a courtyard. The room had a calm atmosphere.

The bed mattress was just right and the pillows were not bad. The sheets were very clean and comfortable and I was able to sleep well.

On the other side of the bed, there was a TV, a dresser and a luggage stand.

The outside scenery was a parking lot, but there were trees and the view from the bed was green so it was not bad. I was able to open the window, so it was nice to get some fresh air into the room. If the room faces the road, you may have the sound of cars may be loud.


The bathroom was not as narrow was a expected it to be. Although, it was an old hotel, it was cleaned very well.

The water pressure of the shower was moderate and the hot water came out right away. There was a shower curtain, so I did not have to worry about water splashing on outside.

The towels were thick and felt very nice.


There was hand soap above the sink. It did not have any smell.

Amenities were shower caps, sanitary bags, bath gel, shampoo and conditioner.

The hair dryer was by the dresser. Even though it is small, wind power was very strong.

Closet and safe

Light automatically turned on when I opened the closet. In addition to hangers, there was an iron and an ironing board in the closet.

The closet had three doors, and inside this door were shelves. There was a laundry bag on one of the shelf. There was no safe.

Mini bar and cafe

The cafe corner was on the upper wall of the luggage stand. There were an electric kettle, teapot, 2 cups, and a spoon. The cups were clean. There were also two types of tea bags, instant coffee, liquid milk and sugar. I boiled hot water and drank tea, and it was delicious.

Restaurants in the hotel

Breakfast was included in the plan.

Cereal and fruits.

Table setting.

I had a vegetarian breakfast.

Hotel surroundings

Because there are a lot of cars on the streets, there were occasionally sirens such as ambulances, but it was never too loud. The area around the hotel is quiet compared to the London urban area. Because it is a small city, it is not inconvenient to eat out, and there is a small supermarket nearby, so it is a nice area for people who do not like crowded areas.

Christ’s College

Staff and customer base

The man at the front desk was very kind and he carried my heavy suitcase to my room for me.

There were many young couples and families with children. There is a large parking lot, so I think many families came by car. There seemed to be many middle class people staying.


I came from London by train. The train itself was very easy to access. The hotel was about 5 minutes away on foot from the station. The surrounding environment is Cambridge, a school city, so even at night it feels very safe. There are supermarkets and popular clothing shops if you walk a little, so you will not have any trouble finding place to shop. There are also a number of restaurants, so there are plenty of places to eat out.

Cambridge is a school city and a tourist destination, so there are supermarkets with daily necessities for students, medium-sized shopping malls, and solid British souvenir shops, so there was no inconvenience with shopping. Since all credit cards can be used, it is better not to carry around too much cash. It was possible to visit the punt (boat), and the access to the college and the city center was about 10 minutes on foot.


I had a very nice stay here. I would love to stay here if I come to Cambridge again. Access was also possible on foot from the train station, and it was just a 10 minute walk to the city center. If the price range is the same in the center of the town, the room was narrower, and it was a crowded and noisy hotel, but because it was a bit far from the center, it is a rather quiet environment. Although it is far from the center, there were many things within walking distance. It was nice to be able to go to delicious restaurants on foot. The interior of the room was classic, so I was able to spend time in a British style room which was very satisfying.

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