Check it Out! “Avalon Hotel” Explicit Review

The reason I chose "Avalon Hotel" is because I have stayed at the hotel before, and the rooms were big even though the price was reasonable. It is not a new hotel, but it was clean, and the European style interior was charming. Also, it was relatively close to the tourist attractions in New York City, so I was able to walk to places such as Pennsylvania Station and Grand Central Terminal Station, two of New York's main stations.

What is the appearance of the hotel? Check the entrance and reception

The hotel did not stand out so much, so it was a little hard to notice. New York is densely packed with buildings, and there were many buildings under construction.


The entrance seen from the inside.

There is a front desk on the left side of the entrance.

The front desk was small and compact.

The lobby was not gorgeous, but it had stylish furniture.

There was a coffee machine in the lobby, son you can have coffee whenever you want.

Front floor elevator hall.

Inside of the elevator.

Guest room floor elevator hall.

Guest room corridor.

What is the Deluxe Queen Sweet like?

Entrance door.

There was a closet on the right and a bathroom on the left.

The room was not new, but had a classical feeling and was wonderful. It was old European style, and the bed, sofa, desk lamp and wallpaper were beautiful. This time it was a one-bedroom, so there was a room with a sofa and a table separate from the bedroom, so it was nice to have coffee and relax.

The bed was pretty comfortable, and the sheets were cleaned very well.

There was a TV opposite the bed.

There was a living room behind the bedroom. There was a sofa, a chair and a table.

There was another TV across the sofa.

Desk and chair.

The bedroom seen from the living room.

There was a window in the bedroom.

The roads were narrow, so the view was not very good.


The bathroom was very large. There was a separate bathtub and shower room. The bathroom was cleaned very well.

I had a little to trouble figuring out how to use the faucet, but once you got used to it, it was very simple.

Shampoo, conditioner and body soap were prepared beside the bathtub.

The shower head was fixed on the wall. The water pressure was just right. Shampoo, conditioner and body soap were also prepared in the shower room.

There were two sinks.

There was also a hair dryer.

Closet and safe

There was right by the entrance.

There were a lot of hangers in the closet.

There was also a safe in the closet.

Mini bar and cafe

There were two refrigerators.

There was nothing inside.

Inside this refrigerator, there were various drinks and snacks prepared inside. There were also more snacks on top of the refrigerator. There was no coffee in the room, so if you want coffee, you will need to go down to the lobby.

Restaurants in the hotel

There is a breakfast room on the second floor, and they serve buffet style breakfast from 7 am to 10 am every morning.

Facilities in the hotel

At the back of the lobby, there were several computers, so I was able to look up information about New York on the Internet which was convenient.

Environment around the hotel

There is a Korean Town near by, there are Korean restaurant, sweets shops, bakery and Korean supermarket, which was very convenient. However, I felt that there were a lot of garbage on the road and there were many people who smoked so it was dirty.

Korean cafe near the hotel.

“Cajun Sea & Oyster” bar near the hotel.

The city surrounding the hotel.

Staff and customer base

The staffs were well mannered, and they responded quickly to my requests. Also, the bell boy was very kind.

People from all over the world were staying at this hotel. There were not many businessmen staying, and instead there were a lot of couples and families. Also, there were a large number of groups staying.


The hotel can be accessed from John F Kennedy International Airport, LaGuardia Airport and Newark Airport. Neither of them are close, but it is not a problem if you use the airport shuttle bus. The Empire State Building is fairly close, and other famous attractions are easily accessible by riding the subway. As I was close to the Penn Station and the Grand Central Terminal, it was very convenient.

Grand Central Terminal.

St Patrick’s Cathedral.

Fifth Avenue seen from Central Park.


I had a nice stay at this hotel. The hotel was close to many sightseeing spots. I was able to walk on Fifth Avenue and inside Central Park, and also go to the Times Square. Also, the hotel room was large and comfortable. It was nice to be able to relax in a comfortable room after a long day of sightseeing. The only disappointing thing was that there were only two elevators to get to the rooms, so it took a while for the elevators to arrive. It was a little troublesome when I was in s hurry. But, other than that, I was very satisfied with my stay.

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