Check it Out! “Aulani, A Disney Resort & Spa” Explicit Review

I chose "Aulani, a Disney Resort & Spa," because I wanted to stay with points for my timeshare. I have stayed here once and decided to come back, because the facilities are good and I was able to enjoy the activities in the hotel.

What is the appearance of the hotel? Check the entrance and reception

The hotel stands out a lot.

I got a welcome drink at the entrance.

The lobby is an open space with nice breeze blowing.

The lobby was made in a Polynesian style with many paintings of the Polynesian lifestyle.

There were chairs and tables in the lobby.

There was kids corner in front of the front desk.

The front desk was beautiful and the staff were friendly.

There is a concierge next to the front desk and you can.

They will keep your luggage for you if you need.

You can see the beach and the pool from the lobby, and it is an aazing view.

You can see people swimming in the pool.

First floor elevator hall.

Guest room floor elevator hall.

There were three chairs lined up next to the elevator.

View from the window.

Guest room floor corridor.

Mickey Mouse is hidden in the design of the wallpaper.

What is the One Bed Room Villa like?

Guest room door.

There was a kitchen on the right side of the entrance.

The bathroom was on the left and it is connected to the bedroom.

The room is twice as big as a normal size room, and it was very spacious and clean. There was a living/dining room at the back of the kitchen.

Next to the kitchen was a dining table.

There was a sofa in the living room which becomes a bed. It was pretty comfortable to sleep on.

There was a TV across the sofa.

Under the TV was a DVD player.

The kitchen and living room seen from the window.

The bedroom.

The bed was soft and comfortable to sleep on.

On the bedside table was a phone, memo pad, and an alarm clock.

There was a TV in the bedroom as well

There were drawers under the TV.

Next to the TV was a desk. The lamp had a Mickey Mouse design on it.

There was a veranda which you can get to from the both the living room and the bedroom.

There are four chairs and two tables.

From the veranda, I was able to see the right half of the hotel. You can enjoy live music while sitting on the veranda.

I was also able to see the beach. It was very relaxing.


The bathroom was connected with the bedroom. When entering from the door near the entrance door, there was a washbasin, toilet and a shower room at the front.

There was a rain shower and a removable shower. The water pressure and temperature were just right and easy to use.

The toilet was clean, but a little loud when flushing it.


On the sink, shampoo, conditioner, body shower, body lotion, and soap were prepared. I was surprised that there was no shaver or toothbrush. There was a hair dryer though.

There were two bath towels for each person, and five face towels prepared.

The bathroom seen from the entrance.

There are two bathrooms; one with a shower and the other with a bathtub. It was very convenient.

The bathtub was a jacuzzi type bath.

There was a bath mat and a soap prepared on the bathtub.

There is a window by the bath tub, and you can see the bedroom if you open it.


There was hand soap prepared on this sink.

Closet and safe

There were three closets.

There was a washing machine and a dryer installed in the closet next to the kitchen.

The closet in the bedroom.

In this closet were hangers, a vacuum cleaner and a safe.

The safe was built into the wall.

There was an iron, ironing board and hangers prepared in the closet in the bathroom.


There was a fully equipped kitchen.





Rice cooker.

Coffee maker and tea bags.

Pots and pans.

Sponges and detergent.

Plates and bowls.


Wine glasses.



Restaurants and shops in the hotel

This time, I had breakfast at a restaurant called “Makahiki.”

Waffles and fried rice.

It was very delicious.

There were Mickey characters greeting children in the restaurant.

There was a shops called “Hale Manu,” which sells high-end fashion, jewelry, and gifts, and “Kalepa Store,” which sells groceries, miscellaneous goods, and vacation essentials. The clothes in “Hale Manu” were of good quality and lined with good-looking items such as casually decorated characters, and the “Kalepa Store” also had food such as milk, eggs and cup noodles.

Facilities in the hotel

There were many different kinds of pools.

You can float in the flowing pool.

The flowing pool. In the center you can experience snorkeling, but it costs money.

A pool mimicking the beach.

Fountain area which my children enjoyed.

Athletic pool. You can sit on the chairs next to the pool.

A large lawn square behind the hotel has a stage, speakers, and lights. In the evening, you can enjoy movies (free of charge) and dinner shows (charged) every day.


There was a shallow space and a rental area. It wasn’t that big, but it didn’t feel too crowded because many customers were swimming the pool.

The beach was beautiful. There was an ice cream store, and many chairs where you could sit down and relax on. Some chairs had parasols next to it. Near the beach, there is a shower where you can wash off the sand.

Hotel surroundings

It was quiet and calm around the hotel. There is a shopping area 5 minutes away on foot from the hotel. At the ABC Mart store, you can procure food, and there was no inconvenience. There are also sandwiches and pork bowls made on the spot.

The road around the hotel.

Staff and guests

The staff are very friendly and helpful. They were very kind to my child as well. I forgot my baggage on the plane, but I was grateful to ask the concierge to call and arrange for pick-up (the package arrived at 16:00 on the day!}) The housekeeping staff and the bell staff were all very kind as well.

There were many families and some honeymooners staying. I saw many young children


It is about 30 minutes by car from the airport. There are no direct flights, so I arrange a taxi. There are gates around the area, and entry is restricted, so it is safe. There are 10 shops within a 5 minute distance on foot. Other than that, everything else little far away, but it was enough for me. There is a free shuttle bus going to the shopping mall which is about 10 minutes away. It seems that a shuttle bus goes out to Waikiki for 30 dollars. It is a little far from the center and may be inconvenient, but it is very quiet.

Road in front of the hotel.


I am very happy that I stayed at this hotel. I have been here before, but I was very nervous because I had a small child with me this time. However, there are many activities that can be enjoyed even with small children. If you make a reservation at the show time of a restaurant, there will be a chance for children to see participatory shows, meet characters and take photos. The scenery is better than anything else and the facilities are clean everywhere in the hotel. The whole hotel has an atmosphere like Disney, and it is made with a playfulness. There are plenty of entertainments, such as music that plays at the entrance and movies on the lawn. Access from the airport was not very good, but I think it is a good facility where you can spend a relaxing and satisfying time. There are pools, restaurants, and activities that is not enough to try out everything in one day. I would like to stay here for a longer time the next time I visit.

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