Check it Out! “Anaheim Marriott” Explicit Review

I chose "Anaheim Marriott" because I am a member of the Marriott Hotel. With Anaheim Disneyland right in front of the hotel, you can go on foot, or get on the bus from the bus stop from the hotel, so it's a very convenient hotel to go to Disneyland. There are many restaurants within walking distance, and it is a safe area to walk. This time I had to attend an event at the convention center, so I decided to stay at this hotel.

What is the appearance of the hotel? Check the entrance and reception

The hotel had the appearance of a four star hotel.

Entrance area.

I went by car this time, and the bell man came and helped me with my lugauge right away.

Entrance door.


There were a lot of chairs and tables in the lobby.

Beautiful lobby.

The front desk was a bit small for the size of the hotel.

It might be a good size, as the business guests attending various meetings stayed and were crowded, but they were not in line.

Front floor elevator hall.

Front floor elevator.

State in the elevator.

Guest room elevator hall.

Guest room floor corridor.

What is the Twin Bedroom like?

Guest room entrance door.

It was a twin room of just the right size. There were two queen beds, but there was still enough room for luggage. The bed was comfortable but it was a bit too soft for me. I think that it is better to renew the pillow because it has a feeling of overuse.

The bedside table had a telephone and an alarm. There was also an outlet.

Lights between the beds.

There was a chair next to the bed. This chair was very comfortable to sit on.

There was a TV above a desk and a chair.

The room seen from the window.

There was a veranda.

The balcony is large with two chairs and a table. I was able to eat breakfast and have coffee in the morning. As for the view, I could see Hilton Hotel on the opposite side, Marriott Hotel on the left, and trees lined up along the streets on the right.


The bathroom was beautiful. I think that it was recently renovated. The floor is rough, so people won’t slip.

There was no bathtub and only the shower room, but the shower room was spacious and comfortable.

There were two types of shower room, fixed type and removable shower, and it was very convenient. Water pressure is comfortable as you can select your favorite water pressure level with the handle. However, since the ventilation fan was not attached to the bathroom, it was humid and it was hot if the door was not opened after showering.

There was a body soap in the shower room.


Wash basin. Towels were also prepared under the wash basin.

Tissue and glass.Amenity was also prepared on the washstand. The amenities of the Marriott Hotel are common throughout the United States, so it is safe to stay the same wherever you go. For a long time, I used to take care of my hair, but when I stay at Marriott, I use the provided shampoo and conditioner. It is sensitive skin, but this amenity is all right. I think that women use only one bottle a day because they are small. We also have body lotion and body soap. The smell is honest and not a good smell, but it does not smell.

Amenities were prepared on the washstand. The amenities of the Marriott Hotel are common throughout the United States. There was shampoo, conditioner, body soap, and body lotion. The smell was neither good nor bad.

Hair dryer.

Closet and safe

There was a closet on the left immediately after entering the room.

In the closet were hangers, an iron, an ironing board, a safe, extra blankets and extra sheets.

The safe.

There was also a chest.

There were books and bibles in the drawer.

Mini bar and cafe

There was a cafe corner next to the closet.

There was a coffee maker and a bottle of water, which cost $3.50.

Tea bags such as English Breakfast tea and green tea, and coffee, milk, sugar, paper cups were in a box.

There were also cups.

There was nothing in the fridge.

Restaurants and shops in the hotel

I had breakfast at “nFuse.”

It was a buffet, and there were two courses; one which you can only choose cold dishes such as yogurt, cereal and fruits, and a course which you can add hot dishes such as omelet and so on.

Bread corner.

Fruit corner.

There was also a gluten free corner.

It was very delicious.

Inside of the restaurant.

Bar counter.

There was also a place called “The Market.”

Inside of the “Market.”

There was also a takeaway pizza shop called “Slice Pizzeria” where you can order a pizza for one person.

There was a souvenir shop in the hotel. There were clothes, accessories, medicines, snacks, water and juices. They also sell Disney items as well. I thought that it would have been better if they sold food, so that people can but something to eat after the restaurants have closed/

Facilities in the hotel

The hotel had an outdoor pool. It was a little small for the number of people staying in the hotel. It may get packed if its during a break with many children staying.

Because it is adjacent to the bar, it is not a pool where you can relax, but there is a Jacuzzi in the back and I think that you can relax because it is located in a private area.

There were many chairs by the jacuzzi, so you can relax.

There was also a fitness center that is open 24 hours a day.

There were many exercise machines.

There were towels being lent out in the fitness center.

There is a business corner next to the front desk, and there were two computers and a printer.

There is a FedEx in the hotel, so you can mail your luggages if you like.

There wad also an ATM.

Environment around the hotel

The environment around the hotel was very good. The boulevard is well maintained and is lined up with palm trees. In front of the Hilton Hotel, there is a convention center and if you walk a little, there is a restaurant area, so you will not have trouble finding a place to eat. Unfortunately there is no such place to go shopping, but for the purpose of going to Disneyland, I think it is a convenient hotel. The other side across the road was the Disneyland parking lot.

Convention center.

An ice cream shop near the hotel.

Staff and customer base

The hotel staffs were helpful. The staff at the front desk checked me in smoothly, and told the bell staff the room number, and delivered my luggage in about 10 minutes. The housekeepers cleaned the room well every day.

This time, many conferences were being held at the same time, and most of the customers were business-related. Because of that, the coffee shops were quite crowded and always in procession. There were also families with children staying to go to Disneyland.


I went to the hotel by car this time, so I do not know the access from the airport, but I think the security around the hotel is good. It is safe to walk around in the daytime, but I think it is better to be careful at night. The roads are well maintained and the cityscape is nice. Places like shopping centers are not nearby, but there are many restaurants nearby. This time, I was staying at this hotel to get to the convention center, so it was very convenient. I was able to walk to the convention center.

Convention center.

Restaurants nearby.


I had a very nice stay at the Marriott Hotel this time. I went to the lobby of the Hilton Hotel across the street several times, but it was always crowded and I felt restless. However, in comparison to that, the Marriott Hotel is also full of people, but it was always calm and I was able to relax. If you go to Disneyland in Anaheim, I would recommend staying at this hotel. There were also several restaurants in the hotel, and if you are tired, you can comfortably stay in the hotel without having to go outside. In addition, since small salads and bowls are sold at the market, you can choose ingredients and make them at the counter of your choice. Overall, it was a very comfortable hotel, and I would like to stay here again if I have the opportunity to stay.

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