Check it Out! “Aloft Ontario-Rancho Cucamonga” Explicit Review

I chose "Aloft Ontario-Rancho Cucamonga" because it is close to the riverside. This hotel looked unusual in photos, so I booked this hotel out of curiosity. The last time I stayed at a hotel in this area, it was very convenient because there were restaurants and shops nearby.

What is the appearance of the hotel? Check the entrance and reception

Hotel exterior.

There was a parking lot in front of the hotel.

The front of the hotel was cool.

The entrance.

The entrance seen from inside of the hotel.

There was a spacious and bright lobby with many interior decorations.

The front desk was very modern.

Front desk design.

There is also a bar in the corner of the lobby, and everyone seemed to be having a good time.

There was also a billiard table next to the bar, and guests were enjoying it.

Tables by the bar.

The lobby at night.

Inside of the elevator.

There was a large window in the guest room floor elevator hall.

Guest room floor corridor.

The corridor was very dark.

What is the King Bedroom like?

Guest room entrance door.

The room was very small. Unlike the stylish lobby, the room seemed like it was a room only to sleep in.

I was able to sleep on the bed comfortably.

The headboard had a drawing of the area around the hotel.

There was an alarm on the bedside table.

The room seen from the bedside.

Desk and chair.

There was a long chair under the TV.

The room had windows on both sides of the TV. It had stylish blinds, but it may be too bright in the morning for those who like to sleep in a dark room.

From the window, I could see mountains and university buildings on the opposite side.

I could also see the pool and parking lot below.


There was a sink at the front, and a toilet and shower room at the back.

The shower room had a glass door. My husband said that it takes time for the hot water to come out, but I thought it was normal. Water pressure was just right as well.

There was a rack in the shower room, and there was shampoo, conditioner and body soap. The body soap smelled like marine.

The toilet is right nest to the shower room, but the space is narrow. It was a little hard to use this space with two people.

The entrance area seen from the shower room.


On the sink was a hand soap and a small body lotion. The soap also smelled like marine, and I liked it.


Closet and safe

The back of the bed’s headboard was an open closet. You can hide it with a curtain. You cannot hang that many clothes. As there are no drawers, I do not think that it is suitable for long-term stay.

There was also an iron and an ironing board in a small space on the side of the bed headboard.

There was a safe below a counter. It was big enough for a computer to fit in.

Mini bar and cafe

There was a cafe corner on the shelf above the safe. Coffee was in a stylish bag, and there was a coffee machine. In addition, tea, cream and water (free) were prepared

There was a sink under the sink. There was nothing inside.

Restaurants in the hotel

There is a bar in the hotel and I really like it. Although, I was staying for only one night, I liked it so much that I had a drink the day I checked out as well.

Locals were having drinks here as well, and it had a friendly atmosphere. It was a nice bar with friendly staff.

There was a TV at the bar, and you can watch sports games.

There was a breakfast shop in front of the front desk.

I am pretty sure that you can take the snacks for free.

There was also a coffee station.

Snacks, sodas, fruits, salads, bagels and muffins were being sold.

Facilities in the hotel

There was a pool but I did not see anyone swimming in it. The swimming pool had cute floats. The water in the pool was also clean.

Beach chairs were arranged nicely by the pool, and it also had nice pillows.

There was a fitness center.

On the first floor by the elevator was a computer.

There was also an ATM.

Environment around the hotel

The hotel is in a residential area and it is safe. Airfields and a huge shopping mall is nearby, so there were cars on the road, but it was a relatively quiet area. There was nothing else around the hotel.

A house in the neighborhood.

Staff and customer base

The staff were just doing their job and were not very friendly. At first the staff treated me unkindly, but I kept smiling and the staff finally got used to me and smiled.

Most of the guests staying were on a business trip. Many people related to Amazon were staying.


Because it is near Ontario Airport, I think that it is convenient for people on business trips. The area was safe, because it was in a residential area. It’s just off the highway and close to South CA’s largest shopping mall, which is a short walk away. There is a sandwich shop and a Subway behind of the hotel, which was convenient.

Street around the hotel.


I had a nice stay at this hotel. I liked the bar better than the room. The bartender’s sister was a really good person. The room was modern and comfortable, but I would not want to stay in the room for a long term stay. I think this hotel is perfect for people on a business trip, or spending the night after a long drive to Las Vagus. Overall, I had a wonderful stay.

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