Check it Out! “Ace Hotel Portland” Explicit Review

"Ace Hotel Portland" is a hotel made after renovating the historic Clyde Hotel, built in 1912. I have always wanted to visit Portland. Portland is a small town, and public transport is quite well-equipped, so it is easy to go sightseeing, but this hotel is located in the center of downtown and there are many places that can be visited on foot, so the location was quite good. In addition, the hotel was more reasonable than we expected.

What is the appearance of the hotel? Check the entrance and reception

The hotel blended in with the buildings around it, so it was a little hard to find it by car. The lobby is a stylish and is often mentioned in magazines and in articles on the internet, so I was excited.

It is full of people reading newspapers and using the computer with a coffee in one hand. The front desk is small, but the staffs were very kind. At the front desk, the amenities used in the rooms were being sold.

There are bicycles that can be rented in front of the elevator.

Wall art is drawn everywhere in the hotel and it was cute.

Guest room corridor.

What it is the Standard Back Room like?

Guest room entrance door.

I first noticed that a freshly made welcome sweets made at a nearby store was prepared. it was very delicious.

The interior was casual and it had a warm atmosphere. The cleaning was done perfectly and I was comfortable and quiet. Everything in the rom seemed to be carefully selected.

There was an Oregon character which is a deer. The bed was very comfortable to sleep on. The day I stayed was very cold, but I was able to sleep stay warm because the blanket was soft.

There was a hotel postcard.

A magazine rack with the letters PDX. There was a closet, and there were several hangers and a towel rack. There was also a small safe.


The room we stayed in had only a shower room. There was no problem with water pressure and temperature, and the tile which is white made the room look clean.

The shower and the toilet were not separated by walls or curtains, but the floor of the shower part was a little lower so that water will not leak outside.

The smell of the shampoo was nice. All can be purchased in the lobby. In addition to small shampoos, conditioners and soaps, there was cotton and ear plugs in the glass jar. There were also small towels with different sizes. It was very fashionable to have a jar and a towel on a mobile stand. There was also a comfortable bathrobe.

Mini bar and cafe

There were instant coffee and an electric kettle. There was also alcohol, snacks and spicy noodles that costed money.

There are a lot of drinks in the refrigerator.

Workspace in the hotel

There was a working space on the second floor.

There was a rack full of magazines.

Breakfast at the cafe next to the hotel

There is a famous coffee shop in Portland called “Stamp Town Coffee” and it is a cafe adjacent to the hotel.

The coffee was very delicious. The restaurant is small, but you can order take out and relax in the lobby or in your room.

There were delicious looking bagels, danishes and muffins.

They also sell simple snacks, so many people seemed to be having breakfast here.

Environment around the hotel

There are restaurants, cafes, stylish boutiques, CVS and Starbucks around the hotel, and it was very convenient to be able to walk to the places on foot.

The famous bookstore called “POWELL ’S BOOKS” is just a short walk away. There are a lot of cute shops, so I think you can enjoy yourself just by walking around the hotel. Security is not bad because it is the center of the city, but there were many unusual people. It was safe to walk alone, but it is better to not let your guard down.


We rented a car, but it is easy to go from the airport by taxi or Uber as well. It takes about 30 minutes. The hotel is in the center of downtown which was a good location, so I could easily access to places. It may be fun to ride the bicycle that the hotel is lending out, and ride it around the city.


Staff and customer base

The hotel staffs were helpful, bright and friendly. It was nice to be able to ask questions whenever I wanted to. One to two staffs were always at the front desk.

There were many people saying alone or as a couple. I did not see many families staying.


I had a nice stay at this hotel. I do not recommend this hotel if you want perfect service with a luxurious atmosphere, as it is a very different type of hotel than a regular hotel. However, I felt that it was a very creative and a warm hotel. The rooms and customer services were not perfect and the hallways creaked, but the hotel was definitely interesting. I was able to enjoy many things that I had never seen before, and now I understand why this hotel is so popular.

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